Norweld is an aluminium design and manufacturing company that specialises in the construction of heavy-duty and high-quality aluminium ute trays and aluminium ute canopies. We offer a large range of standard ute tray and ute canopy designs which are constructed to suit the harshest off road conditions in Australia and internationally. Norweld is an Australian owned and operated business that has been providing the highest quality workmanship in aluminium fabrication for over 47 years.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our customers with a planned and meticulous build from inception through to completion. Our philosophy of ‘continuous improvement’ means we proudly stand by the design and strength of our aluminium ute trays and aluminium ute canopies and gladly offer a lifetime warranty on the design and workmanship. Norweld’s broad range of ute tray and ute canopy options are quickly becoming known as the best aluminium ute trays and aluminium ute canopies in Australia.


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Our pledge is Unconditional Guarantee for Life Against Faulty Workmanship”.


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Sydney workshop now open

Norweld is proud to announce the opening of our Sydney showroom and fit-up workshop, from Feb 2018. We will be located at 155 Newbridge Road, Chipping Norton, just up the road from TJM 4×4 Equipped and ARB 4×4 Accessories.

There will be trays and canopies on display, great news if you have been looking at our products and want us to install.


Monday – Wednesday – CLOSED (Contact us)

Thursday – 8.00am – 5.00pm

Friday – 8.00am – 5.00pm

Saturday – Appointment Only, call us to book a time

Please phone 1300 302 899 or email us  for more info sales@norweld.com.au.

Brisbane workshop now open full time

To compliment the growth and expansion of the Norweld brand we are proud to announce our Brisbane showroom and fitting workshop is now open Full Time!

Located in the industrial hub of Northgate on Brisbane’s north side we are now able to stock and display our popular range of aluminium ute trays and aluminium ute canopies.

This is great news for our loyal customer base because now they can come down and inspect our new product ranges in person.

Our physical location is 82 Old Toombul Road, Northgate 4013, we look forward to seeing you down there!


Monday – Appointment only, call 1300 302 899 to book an appointment

Tuesday – Appointment only, call 1300 302 899 to book an appointment

Wednesday – 8.30am – 5.00pm

Thursday – 8.30am – 5.00pm

Friday – 8.30am – 5.00pm

Saturday – Appointment Only, call us to book a time

Please phone 1300 302 899 or email us  for more info sales@norweld.com.au.

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Great news for our New Zealand based customers with a shipment of Trays on its way with fitment before the end of the year. By sending a container load we’re able to offer a heavy discount on the freight charges. All prices include installation by us and our Norweld agent.
We have our ever popular basic and weekender tray packages available for Dual Cab Hilux (2015-2017 model) and Dual Cab Rangers (2012-2017 model). Camera and sensor relocation kits are available as well as our rear Bolt in Back Ladder Rack.


and check out our All 4 Adventure page here for more information!

Can’t thank Isaac, Steve and the entire Norweld team enough! Outstanding service from sales and production through to administration with no smoke and mirrors stuff. Quality of workmanship is beyond any others I have seen before and it is easy to see the pride all Norweld’s employees take in the products they produce. A poor man pays twice” but Norweld get you the right quality and reliability first time. Couldn’t be happier with my setup and highly recommend!”
Eddie McGovern
Absolutely amazing workmanship. Great people to deal with from the sales department through to the shop foreman. Love the tray and canopy they did for me! Best on the market by far!
Shane Haydon


Check out our latest product lines captured on video.

Norweld Compact Series Landcruiser

Norweld Deluxe Landcruiser Aluminium Ute Tray


Learn why we are the best in aluminium ute tray design and fabrication.

  • Continuous improvement means we gladly stand by the design and strength of our aluminium ute trays and offer a lifetime warranty on our workman ship and 12 months on the hardware.
  • We have extensive experience with Toyota Landcruisers and Hiluxs and offer a number of great tray options.
  • Ask about Norweld redirection code for new Toyota vehicles.
  • If you have a new vehicle on order from Toyota we can redirect the vehicle to our workshop for installation which will save you time and money.
  • Contact our friendly sales team for more information.
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Can I get a custom designed tray or canopy?

  • The short answer is no. We offer a fixed range of products and sizes which are carefully designed and thoroughly tested.
  • The R&D process typically takes hundreds of hours to ensure the end product meets our high standards to be worthy of the Norweld name and guarantee.

I live a long way away from the Norweld workshops. How do you build the alloy ute tray or aluminium ute canopy without my car?

  • At Norweld we do not need your ute or dual cab at all for either the aluminium ute tray build or the alloy ute canopy build.
  • The fitting of the ute tray or ute canopy will take approximately one day if your ute or dual cab is brought to one of our workshops in Brisbane or Cairns.
  • Otherwise, if you are not able to bring you ute to us Norweld will ship the aluminium ute tray or aluminium ute canopy to your location.

How does the shipping of the aluminium ute canopies or alloy trays work?

  • Norweld will send the aluminium ute tray or aluminium ute tray & canopy combination on custom made pallets.
  • Any alloy ute tray with a drawer will have a stand to protect the drawer and tank from damage.
  • Norweld is able to send the aluminium ute tray and/or ute canopy to a depot or business address.
  • It is a Norweld requirement that the drop off location has access to a forklift to lift and move the custom made pallets.

I’m buying a new Toyota Landcruiser ute or Hilux ute. Can the car dealer fit the Norweld ute tray or ute canopy?

  • If the vehicle is getting built and is not in the country we can use our redirection code to get the vehicle brought to the nearest Norweld workshop pre-delivery for installation of the aluminium ute tray or aluminium ute canopy.
  • This will result in lower shipping costs and the in-house fitting of the ute trays and/or ute canopies will incur no extra charge.

How does the aluminium ute tray get mounted to cab chassis?

  • Our mounts bolt to the ute and then the aluminium tray bolts to the mounts.
  • This method eliminates any cracking.
  • When you fully weld mounts they tend to flex and crack over time and for this reason we bolt them.

Are the aluminium ute’s tray size measurements overall dimensions?

  • Yes, the ute’s tray size measurements refer to the distance from the front of the headboard to the back of the ute tray.

What sizes are the aluminium ute trays?

Our Landcruiser aluminium ute tray sizes are as follows:

  • Single Cab Ute: 1850mm wide and 2400mm long
  • Dual Cab Ute: 1850mm wide and 1800mm long

Ute tray sizes for BT50, Ranger, Dmax, New Hilux, Colorado and Navara are as follows:

  • Space Cab Ute: 1915mm wide and 2100mm long
  • Single Cab Ute: 1915mm wide and either 2400mm or 2500mm long
  • Dual Cab Ute: 1915mm wide and 1800mm long

Can I change my aluminium ute tray or ute canopy between vehicles, or different make/model?

  • The design of the Norweld aluminium ute trays and aluminium ute canopies allow for transfer between vehicles of similar lengths.
  • For instance a BT50 ute tray and ute canopy package will fit a new Hilux.
  • Please refer to the previous question to learn about similar model sizes.
  • If you keep buying Dual Cab utes the ute trays and ute canopies will continue to fit your new vehicle.

Can I get the aluminium ute tray a custom length?

  • Unfortunately no – we have designed our aluminium ute tray for the optimal size in similar sizes to the dual cab genuine trays.
  • We are mindful of rear overhang once a ute canopy is fitted and also GVM of the vehicles once loaded.
  • Longer ute trays usually mean that the rear is subject to more weight and this has an adverse effect on handling and tyre wear in some cases.
  • Rear axle weight limits also need to be taken into account.

What is the height of the aluminium ute trays?

  • Alloy ute trays for Landcruisers are 1015mm (from floorboard to the top of the headboard).
  • A Landcruiser with a 2 inch lift and 33 inch tyres will have an approximate headboard height of 2110mm and with a tradie roof rack the overall height is 2300mm.
  • All other makes are 885mm (front floorboard to the top of the headboard).
  • A BT50 with a 2.5 inch lift and 32 inch tyres will have an approximate headboard height of 1960mm and with a tradie roof rack the overall height is 2140mm.
  • * all heights are approximates based on our own vehicles.

What happens to the style side?

  • If we are fitting the aluminium ute tray for you removal of the old ute tray is $165 inc gst.
  • We remove the old ute tray as quick as possible and take no responsibility for any damages to the old ute tray.
  • Disposal, and or transport, of the old ute tray is your responsibility should you wish to keep it.

I have a Landcruiser ute and am looking to install a Jmacx Coil Conversion. Will it fit with a Norweld aluminium ute tray?

  • Yes – Norweld have aluminium ute trays on a number of vehicles with this product fitted with great success.

Can you fit a dual battery in your ute’s toolbox?

  • Our current behind the wheel tool box is not designed for a battery. Some Lithium may fit.

Can I get a timber floor installed?

  • No Norweld does not offer a timber floor.
  • We offer a fully welded 4mm 5083DNV marine grade aluminium floor as our standard ute tray floor.
  • We have found this plate the best in terms of strength and functionality.
  • Timber is high maintenance and becomes weak over time.

Are tail lights included with the aluminium ute tray?

  • Yes all our aluminium ute trays come standard with premium LED tail lights and number plate lights.
  • On some of our more popular models we provide the plugs on the wiring for a true plug and play install.

Can I change the headboard design or profile?

  • Our headboards are our own design which is CNC mandrel bent for the best fit and high quality bends as possible.
  • We don’t change our standard sizes as our machinery and tooling are set up for our standard designs.

Can I get the alloy ute tray fully painted?

  • We do not offer this option.
  • We offer the sideboards and tool box lids only as painted extras.
  • We don’t offer full tray painting as an option.
  • If you are running aggressive all terrain, or mud terrain tyres we recommend not painting tool boxes lids.

Do you powder coat the aluminium ute trays?

  • We do not offer powder coating as an option.
  • We prefer paint and we use high quality 2 pac systems for the best finish.

Do you make an under tray fuel tank?

  • We prefer to refer you to TJM, Ironman or ARB for a pre-made aftermarket replacement tank.
  • These work more effectively with the vehicle’s fuel system and are more cost effective. We can design and build custom tanks on request for industrial and marine applications.

Where does the fuel filler go?

  • We have brackets for all models designed which utilises the existing filler neck and cap.
  • You can choose to fit a locking cap.
  • We offer a fuel filler relocation kit for the Landcruiser dual cab and Landcruiser single cab as an option.

If I fit a drawer will I lose my spare tyre?

  • No. the spare tyre mounting configuration stays the same on all dual cab utes except for the Landcruiser.
  • We move the spare tyre mount onto the headboard for the Landcruiser.


Learn why we are the best in aluminium ute canopy design and fabrication.

  • Norweld are the specialists in the design and fabrication of aluminium ute canopies.
  • Computer aided design and an extensive database of designs allows us to build you the canopy that best suits your needs and budget.
  • Paired with one of our Norweld aluminium ute trays allows you to build the ultimate work or off road vehicle.
Check Out Our Range Of Aluminium Ute Canopies


Is it cheaper to use one of Norweld’s standard package designs?

  • Norweld’s aluminium ute canopy packages are based on what is most popular and works well.
  • We discount our packages for the best value for money.
  • We have eight aluminium ute canopy packages ready to build to suit most makes and models.

I don’t need a roof rack. Can I remove it from the package?

  • Yes you can. Just let one of our friendly Norweld sales team know what you do not need and they will try to find a ute canopy package that best suits your needs.

Can I do the internal fit out down the track?

  • Yes. Norweld can supply one of our modular drawer units and also a fridge slide.
  • Complex internal layouts are costly and take time.
  • We will work with you to get the best value layout we can.

What size tyres and wheels are your spare tyre holders set up for?

  • We have the holders on our ute trays and ute canopies set up for standard tyre sizes of 265/75/16.
  • We have 40mm adjustment each way on the sizes and our standard tyre holders will take up to a 295/75/16 tyre with no issues.
  • Please advise our sales team if you are running bigger tyres than this.

Is the aluminium ute canopy dust proof?

  • Yes. All of our ute canopies are dust and water proof.
  • We have a pressurising vent to positively pressurise the ute canopy to prevent dust sucking in.

Can I paint the aluminium ute canopy down the track?

  • Yes. Our doors are removable to make it easier when painting your aluminium ute canopy.

Can I just get the doors painted on the canopy?

  • Yes. All our doors are removable for painting. Only painting the doors is a cheaper option and still looks great.
  • Vinyl wrapping is also gaining popularity.

Can you screw into your aluminium ute canopies?

  • Yes our aluminium ute canopies are fitted onto box sections so there is room to bolt, rivet and nut however our preference is to weld.

How does your aluminium ute canopy secure to your tray?

  • Our ute canopies are bolted to the tray floor using 4 x M10 bolts or 6 x M10 bolts on a Single Cab ute.

How hard is it to undo the canopy to wind off?

  • It is 20-30 minutes quicker if you have electric tools (impact driver).

Can I get quick release latches to secure my canopy to the tray?

  • No – we only bolt our ute canopies down.
  • We offer no warranty on our ute trays or ute canopies if you decide to run quick release options for the canopy.

What fridge slides can I get?

  • All our standard aluminium ute canopy packages are designed with the largest slide in mind.
  • We can swap to a smaller straight slide but cannot alter the internal layout of the canopies.
  • We do not offer the side slide variants.

What wiring packages do you offer? Can I supply my own gear to wire in?

  • We offer a basic and deluxe wiring package.
  • We use Redarc BCDC chargers and solar panels.
  • We have our canopies design based around using our wiring panel and baintech fuse boxes and sockets.
  • We cannot fit some products into our wiring panel design as we have ensured we have used all the available space in the canopy to maximise storage.
  • Contact our sales team for more information.

I have a tray already. What aluminium ute canopy package can I get?

  • We only build our aluminium ute canopy packages to suit our existing trays.
  • We do offer a generic ute canopy for third party trays which has the same Norweld design and build quality.
  • Internal fitouts and dog pods are not available yet for these.
  • Contact our sales team for more information.


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