Our Design and Production Manager, Steve, recently returned from 3 weeks of exhaustive product testing in Cape York, where he put his full-time intermediate canopy through its paces.  This trip was to test our current designs, as well as a couple of new products we are contemplating rolling out. 

One of the most common questions our customers ask when enquiring about our products, and when we are testing them, is how resistant to dust they are.  As you can see by this video, the exterior of the canopy is filthy and dusty – yet when we open the door, it is dust-free. 

The key to a dust-free interior is our specialized design, combined with a standard option of pressurising the canopy and using flush doors.   As we are situated in close proximity to Cape York, we are able to conduct extensive testing and further develop the knowledge required to effectively design and construct our trays and canopies