Last week the Norweld boys took their 4x4s to Weipa for the annual Weipa Fishing Classic.

After the urging from a couple of Weipa locals with Norweld Trays and Canopies, Steve and I decided to sponsor the classic and head up with their vehicles. I took my Mazda BT50 with its optioned up heavy duty ute tray with 2 x under tray tool boxes, painted sideboards, under tray water and fuel tanks.

BT50 Aluminium Ute Tray
Steve was in his VW Amarok with its heavy duty Norweld ute tray, 2 x under tray tool box and pull out under tray draw. He also had his 4 door canopy with its Wind off Jack option, dog door and internal fit out including fridge slide, storage draws and shelf and also power and lighting.

VW Amarok Aluminium Ute Tray & Canopy
The road up was good after hearing reports of some corrugations around Hahn River.

After leaving Cairns around 4pm they pulled up stumps for the night around 1030pm about 60ks south Of Coen. A few hours sleep and then back on the road around 6am for the last of the drive to Weipa. Our booking at the Weipa Caravan park had us on the beach in a prime location. The Tent and gazebo was put up and cots set up ready for a late night.

After a quick bite of lunch we headed over to the school grounds to set up both vehicles for the night. We had an excellent response with a lot of people already knowing our brand and what Norweld does.

The next day we retrieved the BT50 from the school grounds and headed out to Stones Crossing to explore the Wenlock river.  Steve’s first cast of the rod netted him a nice just under legal Barra. After some more exploration we decided to move on.
We then headed back onto the tracks to head upstream of the Wenlock to see what lay around the next corner. We found a nice sandy bend and Steve scored another Barra.

By then it was almost time to head back to Weipa and get ready for another night at the fishing classic with the weigh ins beginning.  The next morning we headed to Mapoon and out to Janie Creek to explore some new territory and research for our next trip.  Pristine beautiful beaches and very fishable country did not guarantee success and the cold snap in the weather meant two hours of flicking lures saw us go fishless.

We headed back to Weipa for the final weigh in and finale of the fishing comp, minor drizzle didn’t put a dampener on things and we caught up with old and newly made friends.

After a wet night we packed up early and headed home for the long slow and muddy drive after hearing reports of the road being chopped up and very muddy. Weipa to Coen was slippery but not overly bad where as Coen to Laura and the bitumen was a muddy trek with corrugations and mud being a majority of the trip.We pushed the vehicles to the limit to test our products in the harshest environment we could find and we were pumped with the result.

No dust, moisture or mud any where we didn’t want it. Pity the trucks were not as lucky.

BT50 & Amarok Weipa
All up our trip to Weipa was excellent and we are pleased that the Norweld trays and canopy we built could handle what we threw at it.

We are already planning our next trip and looking forward to the next Weipa fishing classic as we will be back for sure.